In 1895, Rev. S. J. Nummedal came to Jasper and organized a congregation, having their services in basements and unfinished buildings and using a covered dry-goods box for a pulpit.  Rev. Nummedal worked hard and faithfully to build a church, which is now the present Methodist Church in Jasper, doing much of the work himself.  In the summer of 1902, the church started their initial services in the basement, using the Norwegian language.

Due to the growth of the congregation, there was a trade of churches with the Methodist congregation, plus $3,000, which was partly paid by subscriptions.  The balance of $1,200 was paid by the Ladies Aid.  On April 8, 1904, formal possession of the large stone church took place.  Dedication of the Norwegian Lutheran Church was held on May 27, 1906.

In the winter of 1921, a parsonage was built by the congregation on a lot next to the church, which remains today.

On April 3, 1923, the Eden Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran congregation joined the Jasper Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The congregation was then called Jasper Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jasper, Minnesota.

The English language was slowly replacing the Norwegian.  A change in the order of service was made in 1927.  A service in the English language was held in the morning and a Norwegian service was held in the afternoon.  In 1937, the English language was used for all services; only two Norwegian services were held each year.

In the summer of 1947, a pipe organ was purchased to replace the old reed organ.  The same pipe organ is still used today.  In 1985, the organ was refurbished.  The console was rebuilt and the pipes were moved to a loft at the rear of the church.

In 1948, a resolution was passed that all members of the congregation, both males and females who were at least 21 years of age shall have the right to vote.  In 1983, members became voting members upon confirmation into the Lutheran faith and compliance with all provisions and bylaws of the constitution.

In 1966, the church purchased a house and lots east of the church.  In 1967, work began on an addition for the new education fellowship hall and narthex.  On September 14, 1969, a dedication was held on the completed addition.

To mark who we are and to signify the extent of God’s love for the world, an iron cross was erected on the church steeple in 1989.